DIY No-Sew Metallic Snowflake Skirt (Anthropologie Hack!)

Soooooo, I absolutely LOVE Anthropologie. They are pretty much what I aspire to be, aesthetically speaking. But I’m not always (never, actually) willing to pay over $200 for one piece of clothing. So when I saw this Metallic Snowflake Skirt (which is now sold out) and fell in full-blown love, I KNEW I HAD to hack it! Thank god for Amazon, where even the most obscure crafting supplies can be found!I’m actually kind of surprised at how well this hack worked out, and it’s definitely raised my confidence level in future fashion hacks.

This DIY is extremely easy, no sewing required, just an iron and a little bit of patience! The downfall of crafting with items you can only find on Amazon is that you have to wait the week (or two in some cases—which is why I decided I needed Amazon Prime because I am too impatient to wait that long) for your supplies to arrive which suuuuuucks, but it’s worth the wait, especially with a hack this good. Are you ready to get started? Here’s the how-to.

DIY No-Sew Metallic Snowflake Skirt (Anthropologie Hack!)


Step 1

Lay your skirt out flat and place the vinyl snowflakes in the arrangement that you like. (I used the image of the original as a reference—see end of post!)

DIY Metallic Snowflake Skirt (Anthropologie Hack!) | Girl, Do It

Step 2

When you’re happy with your arrangement of snowflakes, pin them down so that they stay in place. Then flip the skirt over and do the same thing on the back.

Step 3

Next, place a square piece of wax paper below the vinyl snowflake AND the fabric. Then place another square of wax paper on top of the vinyl snowflake. With your iron set to medium heat,  using some pressure, move the iron back and forth for 5-7 seconds. Check to see if the snowflake is adhered to the skirt, if not, press for a few more seconds making sure to pay extra attention to the small details of the snowflake.

DIY Metallic Snowflake Skirt (Anthropologie Hack!) | Girl, Do It

Step 4

Repeat step 3 for all snowflakes front and back.

Once you’ve ironed on all of the vinyl snowflakes, you’re done! Be sure to wash on a gentle cycle (or wash by hand) and hang dry—do not tumble dry per the vinyl manufacturer’s instructions.

I absolutely love how this turned out and I think it’s pretty close to the original!

My cat likes it, too–but as a bed, not a fashion statement.

So what do you think? Here’s the original:

DIY Metallic Snowflake Skirt (Anthropologie Hack!) | Girl, Do It

DIY Metallic Snowflake Skirt (Anthropologie Hack!) | Girl, Do It

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