DIY: Ombré Bleach Splatter Leggings

One of my favorite kinds of DIY projects is fashion DIYs. The clothes we wear can speak a lot about our personality in a non-verbal way and that’s what makes them so fun. ESPECIALLY, when you are in creative control of the message you want your clothes to send. Which is why these DIY ombré bleach splatter leggings were so much fun to make and why I’m so excited to share the tutorial with you. Ever since creating these paint splatter wine tumblers, I’ve been slightly obsessed with the technique 😛 With these leggings, I have plans to experiment even more with this technique (using jeans, t-shirts, incorporating colored dyes, etc.) but for now, I freaking LOVE how these turned out. Easy, cheap, and cute. What more can you possibly ask for in a DIY?

Here’s the how-to: DIY: Ombré Bleach Splatter Leggings

DIY Ombré Bleach Splatter Leggings | Girl, Do ItDIY Ombré Bleach Splatter Leggings | Girl, Do It



  • leggings or jeans (feel free to experiment with color)
  • plastic bag
  • rubber band or hair binder
  • spray bottle
  • bleach
  • tarp

DIY Ombré Bleach Splatter Leggings | Girl, Do It


Decide where you want the highest point of the bleach splatters to go. Once you’ve decided, place a plastic bag around the top of the leggings and secure with your rubber band or hair binder. Then, lay them out on the tarp.


First, fill your spray bottle with bleach. *Please use caution with this part–use gloves if you need to!* Secondly, make sure your spray bottle is on the loosest squirt setting so that a pressured stream of bleach shoots out (versus a fine mist).


Begin spraying your leggings using quick, short bursts of bleach. I also let the bleach hit the tarp and splash onto the leggings to create more of a splatter effect.


Once you’ve sprayed a few bursts, wait some seconds until you see the bleach splatter patterns lighten. The longer you wait, the lighter they will get.


In order to create the ombré effect, concentrate more of your spraying at the bottom of each leg, lessening the number of sprays as you move upward.


Once you’re happy with the result, flip the leggings over and do the other side. Don’t worry about perfection here. What makes this project fun is the fact that the finished product will be completely unique!

DIY Ombré Bleach Splatter Leggings | Girl, Do It


Once the other side is done, let them sit a bit to really soak up the bleach and turn even lighter. Once you’re satisfied with the look, be sure to rinse them really well with a cold water cycle in the washing machine. Let hang dry.

DIY Ombré Bleach Splatter Leggings | Girl, Do It


Rock the sh*t out of those bad boys.

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