I’m so excited about this DIY: reusable holographic glitter tumbler because I drink A LOT of iced coffee but I feel absolutely awful about all of the plastic cups and straws that I contribute to our plastic problem, SO, I wanted to do a DIY that would help me cut back on my contribution. I’m currently obsessed with anything holographic (and I’m sure you are, too, which is why you’re here!), and upon browsing my local Michaels, I found this holographic vinyl. I scooped it up knowing exactly what I wanted to do with it. So, without further ado

Here’s how to to make a DIY: reusable holographic glitter tumbler:

DIY Holographic Glitter Tumbler | Girl, Do It

DIY Holographic Glitter Tumbler | Girl, Do It







Cut the vinyl into eleven separate 4.75″ x 1″ strips. Since the cup tapers off at the bottom, wrapping the cup in a sheet of the holographic vinyl doesn’t work very well–I found the strip method to work exceptionally well!

Note: these are measurements for the exact cup I used and linked to above. If you’re using a different one, you’ll have to measure out the length of the inside piece of the cup you have–you can keep the 1″ width measurement though!


DIY Holographic Glitter Tumbler | Girl, Do It


I used the square grid on the back of the holographic vinyl as a measurement marker, which made it so much easier!


DIY Holographic Glitter Tumbler | Girl, Do It



Peel the back off of the vinyl and place strips around the inside cup (the one that screws out).


DIY Holographic Glitter Tumbler | Girl, Do It



Once you’ve covered the whole inside cup with holographic vinyl, fill the outer cup with water and glitter. Screw the two cups together, and enjoy that iced coffee looking fly af! AND, bonus points to you for helping keep excess plastic out of our landfills and oceans!

Note: You can super glue the inside and outside cups together (not the lid!) if you’re sure you won’t ever want to change out the contents of the tumbler. I recommend this as it will prevent any potential leakage.


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