DIY Eye All-Natural Makeup Remover

When it comes to beauty products, lately I’ve been working hard at paying closer attention to what I’m putting onto my skin (and therefore what is being absorbed into my body). I read a statistic that stated women absorb up to 5 lbs. of damaging chemicals per year thanks to beauty products. Yuck! No thanks. That number has seriously stuck with me since I heard it. Now I’m much more conscious of what I’m buying and what’s in it. I’ve also been doing a lot of research on how to make your own beauty products using minimal and toxic-free ingredients(hint, hint–tons of tutorials to come!) and have found that most times it’s not only easy, it’s way cheaper than buying it from a beauty brand! So, of course, I want to spread this knowledge far and wide! So let’s get started! The first DIY of my all-natural beauty series is a quick and very simple, and most importantly–useful!, product for you to make.

Here’s how to make an all-natural DIY eye makeup remover:

DIY Eye Makeup Remover | Girl, Do It



  • witch hazel
  • I used baby oil (it’s best to use fragrance-free baby oil if you can find it. “Fragrance” is an ambiguous term in the cosmetic industry often meaning that chemicals are present), but castor oil works exceptionally well for this!
  • purified water
  • *optional* essential oil of your choice (I used lavender)


  • 3 oz. squeeze bottle (you can find these in the travel section of Target. I got mine from the dollar store!)

DIY Eye Makeup Remover | Girl, Do ItDIY Eye Makeup Remover | Girl, Do ItDIY Eye Makeup Remover | Girl, Do It


Add equal parts purified water, oil, and witch hazel to your squeeze container.


Add a few drops of your essential oil. I used lavender because of its natural soothing and relaxing aroma, and since I will typically be removing my makeup before going to bed, I thought that this scent was perfect!

DIY Eye Makeup Remover | Girl, Do It


Since oil and water naturally separate, you’re going to have to shake the solution up before you use it. When ready to use, wet a cotton round or cotton ball and wipe over your closed eye. This particular mixture shouldn’t be excessively oily, but if it is for you, you can wash the remaining residue off with water.

DIY Eye Makeup Remover | Girl, Do It

That’s it! Easy, completely natural and toxin-free. Now I can’t wait to share more all-natural DIY beauty tutorials with you!

*Bonus* Here is a list of nontoxic makeup brands put together by A Beautiful Mess! AND, here’s a list of toxic ingredients to avoid put together by Huffington Post.

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